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My Mini Baby Born

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Here’s the latest in the Baby Born series from Zapf Creation. Welcome to My Mini Baby Born, a smaller more compact and therefore portable version of Baby Born but still having amazing lifelike features. Select from lots of wonderful dolls, outfits and accessories in both the Hospital and Farm ranges.

Down on the lovely farm you will find lots of animals, the horse with her foal, pig and piglet, cow and calf and sheep with her lamb. They all need somewhere to shelter, the horse in its very own stable or with all the others in the transportable fabulous farmhouse. Who wouldn’t want to take care of their own little pet farm animal and hear all the sounds they make, grunts from the pig, moos from the cow, neighs from the horse and bleating from the lambs.

Wanting to look after people rather than animals? Then look no further than My Mini Baby Born Hospital. No wonder children love to play at being doctor or nurse, all that caring and making people feel well again what could be more fun and a hospital is a very busy, bustling place to see all this. Lots happening, the ambulance arriving with injured patient on board, the wheelchair or stretcher taking someone to their bed on the ward and all the new babies being taken home from the maternity clinic. These very scenes can be re-created with this wonderful range of hospital dolls and accessories.

So who to take care of animals or humans? The choice is yours and this ever so cute range of small but perfectly formed dolls will certainly encourage children to adopt a caring attitude. All in the My Mini Baby Born range will certainly put a smile on any child’s face and at a price that won’t break the bank.

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