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LEGO Star Wars Spin-Offs

AT-ST Walker AT-ST Walker £44.99 Free Delivery Battle on Scarif Battle on Scarif £42.90 Free Delivery Ezra's Speeder Bike Ezra's Speeder Bike £24.90 Free Delivery General Grievous' Combat Speeder General Grievous' Combat Speeder £27.99 Free Delivery Han Solo's Landspeeder Han Solo's Landspeeder £26.99 Free Delivery Imperial Patrol Battle Pack Imperial Patrol Battle Pack £15.99 Free Delivery Imperial TIE Fighter Imperial TIE Fighter £66.49 Free Delivery Jedi & Clone Troopers Battle Pack Jedi & Clone Troopers Battle Pack £15.99 Free Delivery Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Kessel Run Millennium Falcon £149.99 Free Delivery Moloch's Landspeeder Moloch's Landspeeder £46.99 Free Delivery Rebel U-Wing Fighter Rebel U-Wing Fighter £74.99 Free Delivery StarScavenger StarScavenger £52.99 Free Delivery

The LEGO Star Wars Spin-Offs shelf is purely made for sets themed around Star Wars locations and events that did not take place in the episodic Star Wars films, this means that only Episode I-VIII are placed on the standard Star Wars shelf, whereas sets from the films Rogue One, Solo and upcoming spin-off movies belong on this shelf. This also encompasses less recent Star Wars based media, such as The Clone Wars cartoon.

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