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Lego Monster Fighters

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Welcome to the world of Lego Monsters where vampires, mummies and werewolves are trying to take over the world by plunging civilisation into darkness.

To do this nasty plan they need 6 moonstone pieces, and Lord Vampyre will do anything to get them. Unfortunately, this plan only betters the monsters and us humans will suffer the consequences. Someone must stop him before it’s too late.

Thankfully, there are several Lego heroes that want to see the Lords plan crushed into pieces, they are Frank, Ann, Quinton and Rodney. Their journey takes them through the darkest, and smelly places where only Monster figures go – but hopefully it will all be for the better.

There are several Lego sets featuring all the above-mentioned beasts. Our favourites are The Vampyre Hearse (9464) and The Mad Professor and His Monster (9466). In both of these our heroes have to battle through to capture the stone, without being captured themselves.

The ultimate set, however, is the Vampyre Castle (9468). The Lord has finally got all seven pieces of moonstone, and is about to complete the sinister plan. This is the last attempt to save humanity and prevent the monsters from taking over the world.

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