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Lego Minecraft

The Desert Outpost The Desert Outpost £57.99 Free Delivery The Dungeon The Dungeon £21.80 Free Delivery The End Portal The End Portal £49.99 Free Delivery The Fortress The Fortress £99.99 Free Delivery The Iron Golem The Iron Golem £21.90 Free Delivery The Jungle Tree House The Jungle Tree House £75.99 Free Delivery The Nether Fortress The Nether Fortress £68.99 Free Delivery The Snow Hideout The Snow Hideout £44.99 Free Delivery The Wither The Wither £31.99 Free Delivery

Minecraft is a highly popular PC game based around building and collecting resources from a treacherous world filled with danger and mystery. It recieved console ports and IOS and Android releases as simplified editions and is considered one of the most popular indie games of all time, boasting a heavy fanbase and it's own annual convention.

Lego Minecraft toys combine the world's most popular construction brand with the afformentioned game, creating some exciting building sets based in the Minecraft World, featuring characters and mobs.

A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore