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Kites: Accessories & Wind socks

Gold Fish Windsock Gold Fish Windsock £9.74 Ground Stake Ground Stake £7.99 Free Delivery Halo Line Winders Halo Line Winders £3.69 Kite Dual Line Parachute Kite 120x55cm Kite Dual Line Parachute Kite 120x55cm £5.17 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Kite Dual Line Speed Foil 80x40 cm Kite Dual Line Speed Foil 80x40 cm £7.99 Free Delivery Kite Killers Kite Killers £8.20 Free Delivery Kite Line Sets Kite Line Sets £4.99 Free Delivery Padded Straps Padded Straps £9.17 Free Delivery Pole Sleeve Pole Sleeve £11.28 Quad Line Handles Quad Line Handles £9.39 Standard Straps Standard Straps £4.99 Free Delivery Turbo Spin Wind Sock Turbo Spin Wind Sock £7.95 Free Delivery

If you’re looking to advance your kite flying skills then you’ve come to the right place! From spare lines to quad line handles the products here will give you more comfort and control.

The products here are great for everyone, from child enthusiasts up to adult hobbyists. The Kite Control Bar is fantastic to be used on twin line kites. It is perfectly designed to give the best control. For extra safety and piece of mind the Kite Killers by Spirit of Air is a great add-on. These are a type of failsafe for quad line kites that attach to your breaking lines and grip to your wrists. If you accidentally release a handle then the braking line is pulled and brings the kite safely to the ground, rather than flying down wind.

Within this shelf you can also find windsocks and a variety of accessories. These bright and colourful textile tubes are a great decorative feature for fairs and festivals as well as marking the wind direction of course!

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