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Kawaii Crush Dolls

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Meet the Kawaii Crush gang, each of the Kawaii Crush girls have a super-cute crush on their favourite animal! Amanda can’t get enough of pandas, Owlena thinks owls are the best, Katie Cat loves everything feline and Sunny adores rabbits!

Here at WWSM we have a range of dolls and playsets to choose from. There’s the Dress Up Doll packs where each doll has a super cute animal-themed outfit and come with their very own adorable pet. The Happy Mall Playset is perfect for the ultimate shopping trip with your Kawaii Crush dolls.

Take a look at our Kawaii Crush collection with loads of doll sets and accessories to choose from, there’s a doll for any fan of the super-cute Kawaii Crush collection.

A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore