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James Bond Diecast Vehicles

James Bond Rolls Royce III Sedance De Ville James Bond Rolls Royce III Sedance De Ville £5.49

Ian Fleming, an author, first created a fictional British Agent, James Bond, in the 1950's. James Bond is best known for the 21 films that have been released, but he was first published in a book series. 6 different actors in the 22 films, starting with Sean Connery and finishing with the newest, Daniel Craig, have played him. The latest film is set for release in 2012, also to star Daniel Craig, and Sam Mendes is its famous Director.

James Bond has long been a much-loved household name and remains a huge influence within the spy genre. The James Bond series of novels and films have many allies and villains. The most famous of his adversaries have been Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Bald, scarred and with white cat) who has been in many films and Auric Goldfinger (‘No Mr Bond…I expect you to die!'). His companions along the way have been M (the head of MI6), Q (head of R & D Department of Secret Service) and James' favourite Miss Moneypenny or simply Penny (M's secretary), who has a serious crush on Mr Bond.

Here you will find some of the most famous, and also most popular, Bond film cars and vehicles brought to you by Corgi. Many are part of their Fit the Box scale range, plus 1:36 scale, both of which are set to become true collector's pieces for the future.

The Aston Martin brand made by Lagonda Ltd UK, a luxury iconic car manufacture, is probably one of his most famous cars. Two other British car companies are held in James' esteem and these include Lotus the UK manufacturer of sports and racing cars, and Rolls Royce Ltd (then Rolls Royce Motor Cars post 2002) who built exceptional luxury British cars which are so quintessentially English.

Here's a list of the Bond books' and films' most famous motors, many of which are available right here:

Whether you are a die hard Bond fan or just love collecting cars or Corgi toys then you have come to the right place!

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