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Filly Princess, Filly Fairies

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If you love ponies and are a collector then the Filly families from Dracco are perfect for you. Here you will find beautiful collections of miniature ponies in both Filly Princess and Filly Fairies ranges. Each Filly has their very own trading card on which you will find a score for beauty, speed and intelligence, collect these cards and you can see if your Filly will score higher than your friends. You can collect and swap to build your very own Fillyland and make it complete with the various playsets and accessories.

Let’s first meet the family from Filly Princess which are, of course, all royals. There are 21 characters in this range starting with the ultra rare Filly Princess herself who has Swarovski elements in her crown. Head of this family are Emperor Karus and Empress Sophia, every year they have the most amazing party for all the family, held in the gardens of the castle, it starts at sunset and everyone dances until sunrise. Their daughter is Queen Leona who has lived in the Castle of the North since she was born and was given it as a wedding gift when she married King Valdemar. They have 3 children, Princess Jade, Prince Cedric and Princess Scarlett. Sultan Abdul is married to the Snow Queen and their 3 children are Duke Philip, Prince Valentine and Princess Scherezade. Duke Philip met the love of his life, Duchess Fergie on a trip to Britain and they have 3 daughters, Countess Catherine, Lady Lori and Countess Irina, who was actually adopted by the Duke and Duchess as a baby. In the Castle in the West live Sir Jacques and Lady Rowena and finally there is Sir Arthur and Baroness Marie.

In the dense forest of the Filly Kingdom is the Magical Land where the Filly Fairies live. Skychaser, the fairy king, is the ultra rare in this collection and is a unicorn with a horn that contains the most powerful magic in the entire universe. Queen Titania is the ruler of the Filly Fairy Kingdom and lives in the beautiful Palace in the East with King Oberon and their 4 children, Princess Lily, Princess Thea, Prince Elvin and Prince Caspian. The eldest, Prince Caspian has 3 children with Twilight, they are Pixie, Echo and Bree. Divitiacus is a druid who is married to the enchantress Luthien, they live together with their son Pan, the forest guide. Fawn is the gatekeeper and has 2 children, Willow and Faye. Fawn’s brother Thor is the blacksmith and has 2 children, Puk and Zoe with Melian the cook.

So start collecting today and see what wonderful games you can play. Lots to collect from foil bags which contain a Filly Princess or Fairy, a Trading Card and Collector Leaflet or the Mother & Baby with 2 extra Babies and 3 not just 1 Trading Cards! Complete the collection and add accessories like the Dream House, Dream Room, Dream Palace and various Carriages. Don’t delay, you may get lucky and find you have the ultra rare with your first purchase, you never know!

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