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Character Keychains Assorted Character Keychains Assorted £4.99 Free Delivery Critter Skitter Boards Critter Skitter Boards £18.99 Free Delivery Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Dress Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Dress £28.90 Free Delivery Hair Styling Kit Hair Styling Kit £11.90 Free Delivery Hug 'N' Plush Assorted Hug 'N' Plush Assorted £12.99 Free Delivery Hug Time Bracelet Hug Time Bracelet £12.99 Free Delivery Large Hug 'N' Plush Assorted Large Hug 'N' Plush Assorted £20.99 Free Delivery Large Hug Time Poppy Doll Large Hug Time Poppy Doll £49.50 Make Up Artist Book Make Up Artist Book £16.99 Free Delivery Nail Colour Kit Nail Colour Kit £8.99 Free Delivery Party Make Up Set Party Make Up Set £20.99 Free Delivery Pocket Make Up Book Pocket Make Up Book £7.90 Free Delivery

Trolls is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical comedy film based on the dolls of the same name. This shelf houses a wide range of toys and games related to the movie.

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