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Welcome to the amazingly imaginative world of Disney Fairies. Here you will find a range of dolls and accessories inspired by Tinker Bell, the fairy from Walt Disney’s 1953 animated feature film Peter Pan, and the place she calls home, Pixie Hollow. Set within Never Land this magical place is a rich complex world full of mythology, secrets, and a visual splendour almost beyond belief!

Peter Pan and the fairies were introduced in JM Barrie’s 1902 novel ‘The Little White Bird’ in which he wrote, "When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies." This idea is embraced by Disney as their fairies are said to be from the first laugh of a newborn baby that travels into the world and those that make their way to Never Land become a Never fairy.

So let’s introduce you to some of the Disney Fairies characters. First and probably most important is Tinker Bell, also known as Tink, she’s a sassy, brave and beautiful tinker talent fairy, who create and fix things. Sometimes she can be impatient and become annoyed but she is also extremely loyal. She would love nothing more than to fly beyond Pixie Hollow to find lost things. Have fun with Tink in her Secret Cottage Playset, Teapot Cottage Playset or Fairy House Playset with Flying Tinker Bell. Queen Clarion is the wise and dignified leader of the Never Fairies, she is sometimes called Queen Ree or just Ree and may possess every fairy talent! Iridessa is Tinker Bells best friend and is a light talent fairy, she is somewhat of a perfectionist and can occasionally be angered by her friend’s silliness. Fawn is a friend to all the wildlife in Pixie Hollow as she can communicate with them being an animal talent fairy. Lyria is an amazing story-teller fairy who uses pixie dust to bring her tales to life. Fairy Mary especially loves the stories and is head of tinker talent, she’s a small plump fairy with tiny wings. Silvermist is a water talent fairy and always looks on the positive side of life. Rosetta is keen on good manners and embraces beauty, she’s always giving tips to her friends and plants as she is a garden talent fairy. Now let’s hear it for the boys and say hi to Terence, he is a dust-talent sparrow man. Without him the fairies wouldn’t be able to do their magic as every day he hands out the pixie dust. He also has a crush on Tinker Bell but she really doesn’t notice this!

You can collect all these figures in the Micro Fairy 6cm Figure packs at great pocket money prices and once you have all 12 they make a super scene from Pixie Hollow when all puzzle pieces are connected together. Slightly larger are the 11cm Fairy with Enchanted Rings, Magical Sceptre or Friendship Bracelets. At 23cm we have the Autumn Fairies, Flower Party Fairies and Tinker Bell with Magic Spiral Wings. All these wonderful Disney Fairies can be found online, in films, in videos, in their virtual world and on many games but start collecting the dolls and accessories and when someone asks ‘have you got fairies at the bottom of your garden?’ you can answer ‘Yes!’

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