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4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzle 4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzle £7.50 Free Delivery Collectable Family Figure Pack Collectable Family Figure Pack £7.99 Free Delivery Collectable Figure Pack Collectable Figure Pack £5.25 Free Delivery Giant Floor Jigsaw Puzzle (24 Piece) Giant Floor Jigsaw Puzzle (24 Piece) £6.51 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Tickle 'n' Whistle Tiny Figure Tickle 'n' Whistle Tiny Figure £6.99 Free Delivery Whistle & Dance Mother Clanger Whistle & Dance Mother Clanger £13.99 Free Delivery

Clangers is a British stop-motion animated children's television series of short stories about a family of mouse-like creatures who live on, and inside, a small moon-like planet. They speak only in whistles, and eat green soup supplied by the Soup Dragon and blue string pudding. The programmes were originally broadcast by BBC1 between 1969 and 1972.

Recently, the show has been rebooted, and is still known as Clangers, and has been broadcast on BBC channel, CBeebies, and has recieved critical acclaim for retaining it's old animation style. Popular as ever, the new range of Clangers toys can be considered nostalgic, or something new!

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