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Chuggington Interactive Railway from Learning Curve

Interactive Cargo Car Set Interactive Cargo Car Set £12.24 Interactive Dunbar Interactive Dunbar £10.93 Interactive Elevated Track Pack Interactive Elevated Track Pack £15.12 Interactive Wilson Interactive Wilson £12.83 Free Delivery

Now you can enjoy a new dimension in train play with the Chuggington Interactive Railway. Brought to you by Learning Curve, the adventures of these well-loved characters can be experienced in a way that they haven’t before, through your very own interactive world. The range is based on the animated series of the same name. The series is computer animated and was first shown in 2008. Aimed at children from the age of 3 to 6, the characters are bright and colourful and whisk children away to a land where trains come to life.

The collection of play sets work using Smart Talk Technology, which is a simple wireless network, that allows communication between each engine and the train stops around the track. This fun adaptation of what could have been just an ordinary train track means that the engines actually acknowledge each other when they meet on the track to the point that they recognise and even greet each other. And, as new engines and train stops are added to the sets, they are instantly recognised by existing engines! Each train reacts to the different train stops around the set and responds appropriately.

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