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Tidlo Toys Children's Wooden Furniture

DIY Dream House DIY Dream House £89.99 Free Delivery Family Bathroom Family Bathroom £16.99 Free Delivery Master Bathroom Master Bathroom £14.25 Free Delivery Wooden Bathroom Wooden Bathroom £11.25 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery

Have you searched and searched for sturdy wooden children’s furniture and all you could find was flimsy plastic chairs and tables, suitable only for the garden. Look no further for on this shelf you will find the best selection of children’s wooden furniture to be found anywhere. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for and more besides. Take a look at the chairs aren’t they great fun; choose from our animal designs (including frog and cat), farmyard animals or Safari animals.

Now you need a table, do you prefer a round one or a square one, take your pick, we have both. I am sure you get homework from school that you most probably do on the dining room table. A desk and chair makes life much easier, you can have it in your bedroom and do your homework in peace and quiet away from your irritating little brother who won’t leave you alone. Just look at our desk and chair it’s just meant for you. Also on this shelf you will find a sturdy Wooden Toy Chest just meant to keep all your toys safe and sound and your mum happy when the room is tidy again.

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