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Despicable Me Folding Scooter Despicable Me Folding Scooter £24.99 Free Delivery Despicable Me Minion Child Skateboard Despicable Me Minion Child Skateboard £12.90 Free Delivery G-300 Scooter G-300 Scooter £18.59 Free Delivery Jetts Heel Wheels Replacement Spark Pads Jetts Heel Wheels Replacement Spark Pads £6.99 Free Delivery John Deere Sit & Scoot John Deere Sit & Scoot £37.99 Free Delivery Kix Scooter Kix Scooter £39.99 Kixi Balance Bike Kixi Balance Bike £64.99 Lightning Strike Scooter Lightning Strike Scooter £26.99 Free Delivery Mixi Scooter Mixi Scooter £44.99 My First Quad Skates My First Quad Skates £11.99 Free Delivery My First Scooter My First Scooter £25.99 Free Delivery My First Scooter (Black & Green) My First Scooter (Black & Green) £25.99 Free Delivery

Within the Toy Shop we have a great range of ride-on vehicles. If you are after a stylish fast sports car then the Ferrari F430 is the one for you. Powered by a 6-volt battery with a foot accelerator and brake it could easily get mistaken for the real thing! If you don’t like the tarmac, then we also have a number of off-road vehicles such as tractors & trailers or even a John Deere sit & scoot quad bike.

We also have a variety of the ‘Micro Scooters’ that took over the streets at the turn of the century. During the 2000’s the Swiss design became a massive hit with the kids and were often sold out during the run up to Christmas. Today these can still be seen on the streets and are often spotted doing the school run! Advanced riders even take them to the skate park as the sleek and ultra lightweight design makes them great for stunts.

A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore