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Revell Civil Aircraft Models

A-10 Thunderbolt II A-10 Thunderbolt II £12.99 Free Delivery Airbus A 319 Airbus A 319 £11.99 Airbus A 380 First Flight Airbus A 380 First Flight £22.99 Free Delivery Airbus A 380 MiniKit Airbus A 380 MiniKit £4.10 Free Delivery Airbus A320 Etihad Airways (Level 3) (Scale 1:144) Airbus A320 Etihad Airways (Level 3) (Scale 1:144) £16.50 Free Delivery Airbus A350-900 Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 Lufthansa £20.99 Free Delivery Airbus A380 "Demonstrator" EasyKit Airbus A380 "Demonstrator" EasyKit £13.50 Free Delivery Airbus A380 'Visible Interior' Airbus A380 'Visible Interior' £26.99 Antonov AN-124 Transport Aircraft Antonov AN-124 Transport Aircraft £22.99 Boeing 737-200 British Airways Boeing 737-200 British Airways £4.75 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-800 £10.56 Free Delivery Boeing 747-200 Air Canada Boeing 747-200 Air Canada £4.50

Civil Aircraft is the term given to all airplanes that are used for private and commercial purposes, excluding the military.

Many of the planes that you see here are quite common, some of which may have taken you abroad for your holidays such as the Boeing 737 or larger Boeing 747. Ever since these jet engine passenger airplanes were introduced in the 1960’s ordinary people have been able venture to hotter climates at a rather cheap cost.

One of the best known and well-loved civil aircraft has got to be ‘Concorde’. This supersonic passenger jet was introduced in 1976 as a high-speed link from London to New York, capable of a transatlantic crossing in less then half the time of other airliners. Thanks to Revell you can now build this iconic airplane with the 1:144 scale gift set. There’s also a smaller MiniKit available too for the younger modelling enthusiast.

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