Schleich Hay Feeder

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Brand: Schleich

Age Group: 3+

Hay Feeder

In winter, there's no fresh grass for the farm animals. That's why the grass on the pastures is mown in the summer, dried for the colder seasons and put in practical hay racks for the animals to feed from.

Hay doesn't just consist of dried grass, but also of delicious grassland herbs.

The large rack is regularly filled with hay. This means the hay isn't on the floor, keeping it dry and free of bacteria and mould. The practical, circular form allows all the animals to get at the delicious feed. If the farmer wants to make unpasteurised cheese, it's especially important to feed the animals hay. This is worth it because hay contains 30-50 different grasses and herbs. These refine the cheese, giving it a unique, amazing taste.

Packaging Dimensions: Length: 19 cm Height: 11 cm Width: 7 cm All measurements are approximates to the nearest 0.5cm

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