Ideal Doggie Doo

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Brand: Ideal

Age Group: 4+

Doggie Doo

All children love board games, the more bizarre the subject, the better and it doesn’t get more bizarre than this. Doggie Doo- what a wonderful subject for a game. I have no doubt that every child on the planet will have hours of fun and giggles with this game.

Are your children nagging you to get them a dog, promising faithfully to feed it and take it for walks, bath it etc- it won’t last- it never does after 2 or 3 weeks guess who gets landed with it? You do of course, all of a sudden they are far too busy with homework and you can’t argue with that excuse!

It will be cheaper and less stressful to buy this game and hopefully while they are playing it they will learn all about feeding and walking a dog and YES poop scooping.

Feed the dog it’s bright yellow dinner and as you pump his lead up and down the noises grow louder and louder, you just know what’s going to happen so get ready to scoop that poop, oh lovely!

Contents: 1 dog with lead and pump, 1 bone, 1 die, 4 poop scoops, 1 container of dog food, 1 treat mould, and 1 instruction leaflet.

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