Spirit of Air Mini Bat Flying Creature Kite

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Brand: Spirit of Air

Age Group: 7+

Flying Creature Kite - Mini Bat

All of your life you have loved heading out into the open air on a windy day to fly your kite. Now you have children and you would love to take them with you but all kites seem to be so big and probably not particularly appealing to a child.

Don’t despair our Mini Bat Kite is just the thing to catch your child’s imagination.

Wingspan 58cm.

Easy to fly this kite comes ready assembled just attach the kite lines and away it goes. This weekend take the kids out into the country and show them how to fly the Mini Bat kite, make a day of it and take a picnic with you.

Your children will want to go again and again and you can take up your hobby once more.

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