Doh Nutters from Drumond Park

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Brand: Drumond Park

Age Group: 4+

Doh Nutters

DOH NUTTERS from Drumond Park is the popular elephantastic kids action game. Play the part of the crazy, doughnut-loving elephants in this hilarious fun, fast action game. Each player takes a mask and three doughnuts that are the same colour as their mask's spectacles. They then scatter their doughnuts on the playing board and put on their masks. When everyone is ready, the youngest player shouts "start" and using only their trunks, players must scoop up their doughnuts as fast as possible onto their trunks.

The first doughnut is easy, the next harder, but with the final doughnut, tension reaches an all time high! The first player to get all of their doughnuts onto their trunks is the winner!

DOH NUTTERS is brilliant fun for ALL KIDS: Big and Small! Perfect for every sort of gathering such as Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, House Warming Parties, Weekend Parties, Drink Parties.. In fact you any time you have a group of silly, fun loving people. For 2 to 4 players, Ages 4 and above.

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