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Brand: Bandai

Age Group: 6+

Badge It

From Bandai we have the new Badge It . With Badge It you can quickly and easily make lots of high quality metal badges. Do you buy presents for your friends for their birthday or for Christmas? It costs a lot of money doesn’t it?

With Badge It you can make badges for all of your friends and it won’t cost a fortune. You can make cool funky badges for every occasion. Draw your own designs and cut them out or take photo’s of your friends, pop stars, sports stars or even the budgie that lives next door, anything that you think looks good and transform them into badges your friends will be proud to wear. If you haven’t got a camera you can cut pictures from your favourite magazine.

Set includes Badge It machine and 15 Metal badge sets.

Did you enjoy making badges with your Badge It machine? I bet you have used all of the badge sets and you would like to make some more badges as all of the rest of your class have decided that they would like one.

What was the most popular one that you made was it a pop star or the parrot that lives down the road. If your friends want a particular design then ask them to bring in a picture for you and you can make exactly what they want. With the Badge it refill you can now make another 30 badges. Have fun!!

Refill Pack contains 30 metal Badge sets. (Sold separately)

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