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Emma Bridgewater Polka Hearts

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Emma Bridgewater Polka Hearts design is a take on both Polka Dot and Pink Hearts – a marriage made in heaven! This range is a brilliant way of reminding loved ones just how much you care for them. Imagine your granny sipping her favourite tea out of one of these mugs – every time she has a cuppa she will be reminded just how much you love her – bringing a smile to her face every time she uses it.

This range is mainly limited to half pint mugs which are a great way to start off your, or your family member’s, pottery collection but don't just limit their use for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate - they have oodles of other uses! What about using one in the office or home study as a pen holder or for other bits and bobs such as paperclips, elastic bands, or erasers. Or imagine one in your bedroom for your make-up brushes - and if you are an avid artist - they are a great place to store your paint brushes. Plus have you ever thought about using them as holders for those mini herb pots you can buy at the supermarket? Or even try planting them up with your own herbs, cacti or succulents for a unique kitchen window display.

Another fantastic idea for a gift is to make up a gift selection of your own for a friend or family member using one of these mugs as a centrepiece. Create your own gift bag or box with a mug - try some of these ideas for size:

Parents, Grandparents, Husbands and Wives all need reminding how much we love them. Looking to give a bit of loving? Then look no further, spread your love around with these gorgeous Polka Hearts Mugs

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