Fever Pitch - Nick Hornby

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Fever Pitch

‘A spanking 7-0 away win of a football book inventive, honest, funny, heroic, charming’ Jim White, Independent

‘Whether you are interested in football or not, this is tears-running-down-your-face funny, read-bits-out-loud-to-complete-strangers funny, but also highly perceptive and honest about Hornby’s obsession and the state of the game. Fever Pitch is not only the best football book ever written, it’s the funniest book of the year’ Nicholas Lezard, GQ

‘An absolutely marvellous book’ Matthew Engel, Guardian

‘Fever Pitch is a sophisticated study of obsession, families, masculinity, class, identity, growing up, loyalty, depression and joy. He should write for England’ Brendan O’Keefe, Observer

‘Fever Pitch transcends the mundane and the sporty to say something about the way we live’ Steve Grant, Time Out

‘His triumph is that, without glossing over its large-scale stupidities and discomforts, he makes the terrace life seem not just plausible but sometimes near heroic in its single-minded vehemence, its heart-shaking highs and lows’

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