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The more you know about your dog…

….whether it boasts an ancestry filled with champions or is a stray lucky enough for you to have rescued, the more pleasure it is likely to give you and the happier you both will be.

In The Doglopaedia, you will find a wealth of invaluable guidance from a team of world authorities on every aspect of dog health and care. This handy guide offers a wealth of important information for all dog lovers from the experienced breeder of champions to the first-time owner of a new puppy.

A very important part of The Doglopaedia brings readers detailed, reliable advice on health and illness, how to recognise developing problems and what actions to take to correct them.

Every dog lover will find a world of useful advice and information on every page of The Doglopaedia, the best concise reference on dog care in print today.

J.M. Evans is an internationally-respected veterinary surgeon, a developer of many widely used pet care products, and a world-renowned writer and lecturer on veterinary and animal care subjects.

Kay White is a journalist and prolific author who actively supports an overall educational initiative directed at establishing improved pet care.

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