Emma Bridgewater Black Toast & Marmalade Boxed Four Cup Teapot

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Brand: Emma Bridgewater

Black Toast Teapot

This lovely Black Toast teapot comes in two sizes, the two cup and the four cup versions which are sold individually (only one is supplied) so make sure you choose the right one for you.

The Four Cup Teapot is a good size and is designed to fill four of the Black Toast, generous in size, tea cups. This version is also the only one to come in a presentation cardboard box, the design of which is filled with cream and black text saying ‘EMMA BRIDEWATER and TOAST & MARMALADE’ making this particularly suitable as a gift and much easier to gift wrap! (The two cup version is not available in a presentation box).

The difference between the two teapots is not just in size, they have different text written on them too. The larger 4 cup teapot says ‘EARL GREY & DARJEELING’ on the main body of the pot and the lid says ‘STEAMING HOT TEA’.

Whereas the smaller two cup teapot says ‘JASMINE & ORANGE PEKOE’ around the pot and ‘LEMON VERBENA’ on the lid. So if you like buy both and use one for regular tea and the other for your herbal teas. They also make a lovely pair on display stood next to each other amongst other Black Toast tea set items.

The Black Toast 4 cup Teapot holds around 1.4 litres and is around 19cm tall and the 2 cup Teapot 0.85 litres and is approx 16.5cm in height. The larger size containing about 4-6 normal sized cups which is perhaps too big for just two, in which case you may be better with the smaller size which makes two regular cups and a bit spare for any top ups.

Ideal for the discerning tea drinker

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