Emma Bridgewater Black Toast & Marmalade Sugar Pot

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Brand: Emma Bridgewater

Black Toast Sugar Pot

The Black Toast sugar pot or sugar bowl is wonderful either on its own or sat amongst other Black Toast Teasware items. It is circular in shape (10cm diameter), comes with matching lid and at it tallest is 11cm.

This height is to the top of the knob handle and the height of the bowl itself is 7cm making it a good size so plenty of sugar stores can kept in it. It can be used for cubes or granules, whatever your preference and one of its key features is the hole in the side of the lid for your spoon to come through.

This means you can store a teaspoon in the Sugar Pot and always have one available – for sugar not stirring though!

The lid has ‘BROWN’ and ‘WHITE’ written around it and the base says ‘MUSCOVADO & DEMERARA’ in black toast lettering. Brown sugar is actually white sugar with some molasses added and this is what gives it the colour, or it is first crystallised natural cane sugar with natural molasses content. The darker brown the sugar the greater proportion of molasses and it is this which makes the sugar softer due to the presence of water and without further processing this would not free flow. Demerara is a natural brown sugar and one which has been produced under centrifuge, removing water, and is regularly used in coffee (and tea). Muscovado sugar is unrefined and is used in baking and it is very dark brown and quite sticky, however this sugar is also good in coffee. Whatever your sugar preference this Black Toast Sugar Pot does the job.

Sweet as Sugar!

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