Emma Bridgewater Black Toast & Marmalade Serving Bowl

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Brand: Emma Bridgewater

Black Toast Serving Bowl

For a while this Black Toast Serving Bowl disappeared off the scene – however due to popular demand welcome back! This time Emma Bridgewater has given it a slight facelift in the form of new writing. It just shows if they stop a piece you love let them know and if a lot of you feel the same way they will reissue the shape, brilliant.

The serving bowl is 9.5cm tall and about 23cm wide. This time the bold lettering spells ‘SPRING GREENS & CALABRESE, MASHED POTATO & PEAS’ which sort of rhymes and rolls off the tongue.

Calabrese is not to be confused with an Italian chap from Southern Italy it is actually a vegetable which looks very similar to broccoli. It is not the same thing though, just from the same family. It has a milder flavour and crops pre winter before regular broccoli. Supermarkets however tend to call these two brassicas the same thing so its no wonder we get confused.

For a great side dish, pick some wonderful cabbages, first of the year and other edible spring green leaves fresh and firm, slice, steam lightly and serve in this Black Toast Serving Bowl along with plenty of melted butter and a little salt and black pepper.

This piece also makes a great fruit bowl

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