Emma Bridgewater Black Toast & Marmalade Baby Mug 0.25 Litre

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Brand: Emma Bridgewater

Black Toast Baby Mug

Well we think Emma Bridgewater have summed this mug up nicely with the text on it – ‘A VERY USEFUL MUG’ is displayed both on the outside and inside of this smallest sized mug which is not just for babies! Ideal for those of you who don’t like a massive drink of tea or coffee as this one is just 7cm tall and holds 0.2 litres of liquid which is approx half the size of an average cuppa of 400ml and about one third less than the normal sized mug in this range. The smaller size also makes it easier to handle and a little lighter too. It is also ideal if you like your coffee served strong, as it gives you a decent enough size without giving you the jitters.

The small size of the Black Toast Baby Mug makes it seem that little bit cute and it just cries out to be used over an above other cups in the cupboard. It is also a great size for smaller members of the family, that’s if they are allowed to use it of course.

You could join it with a larger size mug for a his and hers duo

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