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WWSM Health Newsletter Sept 2011

Health newsletter for Sept 2011 at WWSM. This month promoting Back to School vitamins from Health Aid.

World Wide Shopping Mall Health Newsletter
Welcome to our September Health newsletter at WWSM. This month we focus on vitamins for children. See below for details of the special offers on all these products, using our voucher code system.
Back to School with Health Aid

Fight infection with good nutrition

Its back to school, and time for all of us to optimise the well-being of our little darlings from bouts of colds, respiratory illnesses, intestinal viruses and other infectious that are constantly present in schools. HealthAid have a variety of products to help your youngsters fight infections and stay healthy – no matter what their age!

Junior-vit tablets, a balanced multivitamin and mineral formulation that is rich in B Vitamins, Iron and Vitamin D, offer optimal support for strong bones, healthy teeth and a sharp mind, enriched with essential trace elements, bioflavonoids and fructose oligosaccharides (FOS) for a healthy skin and digestive system.

KidzOmega liquid provides a rich source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA which has many benefits; they help with the cognitive functions of the brain, good for joints, skin and play an important role in maintaining a healthy heart.
50% OFF

KidzProbio tablets helps to enhance the absorption of vital nutrients, assisting the digestive system and simulate the body’s production of immune-boosting substances. it is particularly beneficial, if the child has been on antibiotics, as it is extremely important to replenish the good bacteria lost by taking a quality probiotic supplement “Taking a nutritional supplement daily can help kids stay healthy and focused throughout the school year”

Top Sellers in the Health Aid range
Health Aid Acidophilus Plus
Health Aid Atrotone
Health Aid Hairvit
Health Aid Menovital
Health Aid Prostavital

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