The Nature Doctor by Alfred Vogel

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The Nature Doctor

The Nature Doctor. A manual of traditional and complementary medicine. Foreword by Jan de Vries. New and Revised Edition - The Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel (1902- 1996) became captivated by the infinite variety of plants and their medicinal properties whilst still a child. This fascination remained, becoming an integral part of his life and influencing everything he undertook.
Vogel’s life spanned the period which saw traditional and well-established healing methods giving way to pharmaceutical medicine. While not blind to the advantages of modern medicine, he was convinced that the traditional methods and fresh herbs could not be completely replaced. Using age-old herbal knowledge and experience, he developed modern natural remedies for many complaints. It is this philosophy and wisdom that is captured in the pages of The Nature Doctor.

‘To live according to the principles of nature is much more than a technique. It requires respect and sympathy for Creation’

Vogel wrote these words long before people were aware of the damage that modern-day living can cause to the environment and to the human body. Today, many of us seek to live our lives respecting nature, our environment and those around us. The Nature Doctor offers one man’s lifelong insights and commitment to living in harmony with nature.
Alfred Vogel

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