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Acai Extract Acai Extract £12.99 Free Delivery Bilberry FP Bilberry FP £18.69 Chlorella 520mg Chlorella 520mg £13.99 Free Delivery Echinacea 520mg Echinacea 520mg £12.99 Free Delivery Eyebright Vegetable Capsules Eyebright Vegetable Capsules £10.99 Free Delivery Full Potency Astragalus 520mg Full Potency Astragalus 520mg £13.99 Free Delivery Full Potency Dong Quai 520mg Full Potency Dong Quai 520mg £13.99 Free Delivery Full Potency Fenugreek 520mg Full Potency Fenugreek 520mg £11.99 Free Delivery Full Potency Ginger Root 520mg Full Potency Ginger Root 520mg £9.39 Full Potency Ginkgo 60 Full Potency Ginkgo 60 £14.99 Free Delivery Full Potency Green Tea 520mg Full Potency Green Tea 520mg £12.99 Free Delivery Full Potency Hawthorne Berry 520mg Full Potency Hawthorne Berry 520mg £9.99 Free Delivery

The use of herbs in medicine dates back thousands of years. In fact, many of today’s medicines were originally derived from botanicals. For example, aspirin once came from the white willow tree, quinine from the bark of the cinchona tree and digitalis from foxglove. Herbs are still the basis for the Chinese medicine and are important constituents of many European natural remedies. As Hippocrates said, ‘Let thy food be thy medicine, thy medicine be thy food’. Solgar is committed to bringing you the best herbal supplements available today. They apply the same high standards to their herbs as with the rest of their nutritional supplements. Solgar’s herbs are carefully selected from plants growing in the wild (wild-crafted) or meticulously cultivated on special herb farms. They choose the finest, freshest herbs based on a strict set of criteria such as, the correct geographically origin of the raw material, the authentication of the species and the quality of the raw materials. Their herbs enter state of the art quality control in a microbiological laboratory where they are scientifically evaluated for their quality, purity, potency and authenticity.

Full potency herbs is a holistic approach to herbal therapy with traditional herbal extracts mixed with the whole raw herb. For herbs that are not available in a standardised form Solgar have a similar way of processing. The whole herb is concentrated to provide higher levels of the principal constituents of the plant. This traditional extract is then blended with all of the components that occur naturally in the whole herb. The result is a potent, premium-quality traditional herbal extract with all of the synergistic and beneficial qualities found in nature.

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