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German Chamomile German Chamomile £8.95 Free Delivery Ginger Root Ginger Root £42.03 Ginger Root Extract Ginger Root Extract £8.69 Free Delivery Ginkgo Biloba Ginkgo Biloba £6.99 Free Delivery Green Coffee Bean Extract Green Coffee Bean Extract £9.99 Free Delivery Green Tea Green Tea £11.45 Free Delivery Hawthorn Compound Hawthorn Compound £41.99 Free Delivery Hawthorn, Ginkgo & Bilberry Super-Blend Hawthorn, Ginkgo & Bilberry Super-Blend £17.95 Free Delivery Maca 500mg Maca 500mg £10.99 Free Delivery Marshmallow Root Powder Marshmallow Root Powder £7.60 Free Delivery Mexican Wild Yam Mexican Wild Yam £6.99 Free Delivery Milk Thistle 125mg Milk Thistle 125mg £6.99 Free Delivery

Welcome to the Body and Soul Shop at WWSM. We stock a complete range of health supplements. On this shelf we have a further range of herbal supplements, including Olive Leaf, St Johns Wort, Rhodiola rosea and Sage Oil . Buy online or call us on our FREE phone number 0808 144 0842. You can also visit the Body and Soul shop at our Shopping Mall in Malton, North Yorkshire.

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