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Arnica Gel 150ml Arnica Gel 150ml £8.99 Free Delivery Chilli Muscle Rub (Hot Balm) Chilli Muscle Rub (Hot Balm) £6.87 Free Delivery Comfrey, Arnica & Witch Hazel Balm Comfrey, Arnica & Witch Hazel Balm £7.99 Free Delivery Leg & Vein Balm, Varicose Veins Leg & Vein Balm, Varicose Veins £7.20 Free Delivery Marshmallow & Slippery Elm Balm Marshmallow & Slippery Elm Balm £5.99 Free Delivery Pilewort Balm Pilewort Balm £6.89 Free Delivery

Balms and Ointments. Welcome to Body & Soul Health Food Shop. Select from our range of balms and ointments, with ingredients such as comfrey and witch hazel. Ointments - a substance used on variety of different body surfaces, including the skin and mucus membranes of the nose, glans, vagina and eye. Balms - A balm is a kind of Liniment that is applied to the surfaces of the skin. Balms are much like Ointments, but less viscous.

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