Natures Answer Platinum Liquid Goji Juice 480ml

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Brand: Natures Answer

Goji Juice

Goji Berry, also known as wolfberry, is a small raisin size red fruit that grows on a vine. These berries have been prized for their nutritional and healing value in traditional Asian medicine for countless generations. Science has isolated at least four unique polysaccharides, which are phytonutrient compounds that amplify signals between cells, and improve immune defence. With Orac Super 7 and Quick Sorb.
a proprietary bio-active blend for Maximum Antioxidant Support, this liquid dietary supplement is delicious and highly concentrated with fruit extracts consisting of 5000mg of Goji Fruit / Wolberry. Other ingredients include Mangosteen, Red Coffee Fruit, Muscadine Grape Seed, Acai Fruit, Pomegranate Fruit and Blueberry Fruit.

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