TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement 90 Capsules

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Brand: Oxford Biolabs

TRX2 Hair Growth Supplement

At Oxford, United Kingdom, a team of scientists has been conducting pre-clinical studies on hair loss. By combining powerful metabolic stimulants (Potassium, BCAA, Nicotinic Acid) with a natural energy-generating substance (Carnipure™ tartrate), the researchers discovered they could stop hair loss and promote hair growth on a molecular level. The result is TRX2®, a patent pending molecular hair loss treatment.

This natural hair loss treatment is specifically designed for patients suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1 — 4). Benefits of taking 3 capsules of TRX2® Molecular Hair Loss Treatment per day include:

  • The cessation of hair loss*
  • The promotion of hair growth — including the frontal/temple area*
  • Visibly stronger & thicker hair*

In a consumer study 87% saw an improvement after taking TRX2® Molecular Hair Loss Treatment.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the medicines regulatory agencies. This product is not a drug or medicine, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This patent-pending food supplement contains nutrients that help maintain normal healthy hair. Zinc, selenium and biotin contribute to the maintenance of normal hair. Normal hair is also characterised by healthy hair growth and non-excessive hair loss. Results may vary and are subject to your individual metabolism. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. Regarding risks and side-effects please see the package insert and ask your physician or healthcare specialist


What can I expect?

  • Cessation of hair loss
  • Significant improvements in hair texture and thickness
  • Slow but steady hair regrowth including critical areas such as frontal area and temples. For the majority of customers using TRX2® Molecular Hair Loss Treatment first improvements become visible after 3-5 months; cosmetically significant results usually settled in after 8-10 months. Results and response time may vary and are subject to your individual metabolism.
  • No major side effects. No hormone interference. No risks

What should I not expect:

  • Overnight success. Taking TRX2® Molecular Hair Loss Treatment regularly and over a prolonged period of time is critical to success
  • TRX2® is a hair loss treatment specifically designed for men and women suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1 — 4). The effects on more advanced stages of hair loss will be less pronounced.

L-Carnitine tartrate, Vegetable capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), Potassium chloride, L-Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Nicotinic acid, Zinc, Magnesium stearate, Biotin, Selenium.

Amount per serving: Carnipure tartrate (L-carnitine tartrate) 800mg Potassium chloride 191mg L-leucine 150mg Isoleucine 75mg Valine 75mg Nicotinic acid 40mg Zinc 15mg Biotin 150mg Selenium 75mg

Take 3 Capsules per day with food, all 3 can be taken at once, or at separate times.

Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Consult your doctor if on medication. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.

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TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement 90 Capsules

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