Different Bodies Different Diets - Carolyn L Mein

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Different Bodies Different Diets

Different Bodies - Different Diets. Discover a Health and Diet Plan that Fits You - We don’t all act the same, look the same, or eat the same foods, so why would we all be on the same diet?
The key to long-lasting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is to find a plan that suits your personality, emotions, and way of life. Different Bodies, Different Diets shows you conclusively that each individual body type—and personality—requires a different set of rules to live by.

This groundbreaking new book offers:

• Insight into the correlation between personality and body type—find out what type you are for maximum health
• The 25 Classic Types, illustrated with more than 200 photographs showing distinguishing features, psychological profiles, and personality characteristics
• Proven remedies for managing food cravings, extensive food lists, and simple, practical, and nutritionally sound weekly menus for each body type.

Different Bodies, Different Diets puts an end to the “one diet fits all” myth and offers you accurate guidelines for eating—and living—for your individual type.

Are you one of these body types?


Often long-waisted, with short to average legs. Precise and analytical, with a gentle demeanor. To Lose weight, avoid caffeine and eat more protein and vegetables.


Soft, round, shapely appearance. Known for being able to see what needs doing and getting it done. To lose weight, eliminate Dairy and replace Refined Sugar with Fruit.


Square, Flat Upper Back, with a straight to defined waist. Highly visual with a good sense of humour. To lose weight, avoid refined sugar, alcohol, dairy, and breads.


Athletic and well proportioned, with broad shoulders. Playful, bright and quick witted. To lose weight, limit vegetables and eat more nuts, seeds and avocados.
Harper Collins
Carolyn L Mein

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