HealthAid Concentrated Air-Oxy Liquid 100ml

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Brand: HealthAid

Concentrated Air-Oxy Liquid

You need Oxygen to live! Oxygen plays a powerful primary role in our health and well-being. It is one of the five elements required to sustain life. Aerobic Oxygen is a revolutionary new break through which can help to kill off harmful organisms and at the same time increase the concentration of oxygen in the body.

Our polluted towns and cities often deprive us of enough oxygen to make us feel healthy and alert. Modern day emotional stress, toxic stress, physical trauma and infections all go towards depleting the oxygen reserves in our bodies.

Aerobic oxygen contains negatively charged electrons that have attached themselves to molecules of oxygen thus creating ionised oxygen. Aerobic oxygen is very alkaline which is one of the tremendous benefits of this product.

Concentrated Air-Oxy:

  • Boosts energy and stamina
  • Improves circulation
  • Contains a high concentration of stabilised non-toxic electrolyse oxygen

Did You Know?

  • Energy level is the driving force of our body and everyone needs it to perform daily work
  • Consumption of the right food at the right time, regular exercise and relaxed sleep at night can improve energy levels
  • Fruits are known as the best energy booster as they are full of all the essential nutrients
What is Air Oxy™ for? Advantages of using Aerobic Oxygen in liquid form helps towards the following:
  • Atmospheric oxygen content is reduced by 50 percent. This prevents humans from breathing in optimum oxygen levels we therefore require alternative measures, such as Aerobic Oxygen.
  • Used for the purification of fluids i.e. water, juice, milk and is especially useful in foreign countries.
  • Controls contamination and helps to kill harmful bacterial organisms in vegetables, seafood and meat.
  • Excellent mouthwash and when used with toothpaste inhibits gum disease, bacteria and decay.
  • Increases energy, vitality and stamina levels by providing maximum oxygen in our blood cells.
  • When flying, if you have heart, circulatory or breathing problems Aerobic Oxygen can help reduce the risk of headaches, fainting spells and heart attacks due to the high oxygen intake in the cells.

Who needs to use Air Oxy™?

  • Travellers to foreign countries to purify themselves, food and drink and eliminate jetlag.
  • Persons in contact with bacterial infection daily ie nurses, doctors, pharmacists.
  • Suitable product for those who need more energy and to revitalise the mind.
  • Ideal for athletes and gym users to maximise endurance and stamina.
  • People who live or work in polluted areas i.e. builders, city workers and those working around pylons and radio masts.
  • Ideal for partygoers who want to reduce hangover symptoms and recover quicker.
  • Ideal product for sufferers of muscle tension, depression, poor digestion and respiratory problems.
  • Suitable for all people above the age of seven, those with high blood pressure, headaches, arthritis and those who need to boost their immune system.
Each 2ml Liquid Contains (Average): Stabilised Aerobic Oxygen Sodium Chlorite
Place 20 drops (approx 2ml) in a glass and dilute with 200ml of water (approx 1/2 glass), stir and drink. Take 3 times a day, or as advised by a suitably qualified person. Suitable for 7 years and over.
Store out of sight and reach of children and away from sunlight.

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