Faith in Nature Chocolate Shampoo 400ml

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Brand: Faith In Nature

Chocolate Shampoo

Organic Chocolate Shampoo. designed for dark shades of hair, contains flavonoids which have anti-oxidant properties. These can help to protect against free radicals which can accelerate the ageing process. In addition, chocolate contains both Serotonin and Phenylethylamine, two 'feel good' factors that are naturally released when we're happy and at peace with ourselves.
It is said that the aroma of chocolate brings to mind pleasurable images. When showering and washing your hair, the sweet aroma of our organic chocolate is released and your heightened senses pick up on this uplifting sensory delight. Suitable for All Types of Hair. Nuts about preservatives, That is why we can offer you products which are naturally preserved, without the use of synthetic preservatives and why our products are amongst the finest and purest in the market. We are such nuts about the purity of our products that we do not even buy a single ingredient that goes into our shampoos, hand wash, shower gel/foam bath, laundry liquid, rinse aids and soaps which is preserved in any way whatsoever. So you can rest assured that there are no trace preservatives, which can build up through the use of any of Faith in Nature products mentioned above.
Aqua (Water from the Lake District), Ammonium laureth sulphate* (Vegetable based cleaning agent), Sodium chloride**, Theobroma cacao** (Organic Cocoa), Salvia officinalis** (Sage), Aroma* (natural ), Melaluca alternifolia*, Glycerin*(Vegetable origin)Polysorbate 20* (Vegetable based emulsifier), sodium citrate* (*vegetable origin **certified organic)
Extracted oil from the cacao tree, has excellent emollient properties in addition to having many calming and relaxing qualities, so it is good for the skin and for general well being. It helps to moisturise the skin and to soften and protect chapped hands and lips. Used in bath & shower products, the delicious aroma of chocolate creates a feeling of calm and inner bliss. These products are the ultimate luxury… a chocoholic’s dream - with no added calories. They’re fun to use for all the family. Children love them and adults get hunger pains just smelling them. As the chocolate beans we use are organic, this can only make you feel even better

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