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Carboslim Phase 2

Carbohydrates are grouped into two categories: simple carbohydrates (sugars) such as milk and fruit juices, which convert to glucose quickly and complex carbohydrates (starches) including beans, pasta, grains and starchy vegetables like potatoes, the complex carbohydrates are converted to sugar prior to being converted into glucose (and in excess, the dreaded body fat). Dieting is an ongoing issue for many people that are conscious about their weight; however there are natural substances available that allow you lose weight effectively with no side effects.

Did You Know?

  • Increased weight can cause lots of disorders such as diabetes, heart attacks, muscle problems, and poor blood circulation and much more
  • Regular exercise, well balanced healthy diet, reducing the amount of high calorie food in diet can help maintain good physique
  • It is recommended that a person who is following a stringent diet take additional Vitamins to ensure good health. Some Vitamins found in weight loss supplements can actually feed the body while assisting with the weight loss process. the most important Vitamins and Minerals for weight loss are: Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Choline (part of B-Complex), Inositol (part of B-Complex), and vitamin C.
WHAT IS HealthAid Carboslim®?
HealthAid Carboslim® has been designed to assist those on a low carbohydrate weight management programme. The aim of its key ingredient, Phase 2 (from white kidney bean extract), is to delay digestion and inhibit the absorption of sugary and starchy foods by interfering with an enzyme called alpha amylase; this is the key enzyme that is released by the pancreas when we eat carbohydrate foods. Phase 2 obstructs the dietary breakdown of starches into glucose, allowing carbohydrates to pass through the system unchanged. Carboslim® also contains Chromium and Green Tea Extract to help support a low carbohydrate diet, burn up fat, improve metabolism, increase energy levels and also may help you achieve your weight loss goals. The optimum time to take Carboslim® is just before a starch –rich meal along with a full glass of water, however Carboslim® could still provide some of its starch neutralising benefits when taken during, or just after, a starch rich meal.

WHAT IS HealthAid Carboslim® FOR?

  • To maintain a low carbohydrate diet
  • To promote weight loss
  • To improve mood & stabilises serotonin
  • To inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates in the blood
  • To control appetite and carbohydrate cravings
  • To balance blood sugar and healthy insulin levels
WHO NEEDS TO USE HealthAid Carboslim® ?
  • Those on a low carbohydrate diet or on the Atkins diet
  • People with serious cravings for complex carbohydrates
  • Women with depression and low serotonin levels, often associated with PMS
  • Those who are balancing and controlling blood sugar levels
Phase 2 (kidney bean extract), vegetarian capsule shell, microcrystalline cellulose, green tea extract, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, chromium chloride
Per two capsules: Phase 2 (from kidney bean extract Phaseolus vulgaris) 500mg, Chromium 100ug (RDA 50%), Green Tea Extract (providing 50& polyphenols) 100mg
Adults and children over 16 years of age, two capsules daily to be taken before a meal containing complex carbohydrates or starches, can be increased up to four capsules daily if required, or as advised by a suitably qualified person.
Please seek professional advice before taking this product if you are on prescribed medication. Not suitable for pregnant women.

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