Jan de Vries Female Essence 30ml

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Brand: Jan de Vries

Female Essence

Jan de Vries Female Essence may help maintain a feeling of emotional balance and wellbeing in women and has been designed specifically for all the ladies. A little known fact is that you can take two flower essences at the same time e.g female essence and emergency essence for example to deal with both sets of negative indications.

If you are unsure as to what remedy to take try to think about which negative traits you relate to most readily and try to choose the essences which best fit your symptom picture. Also ideal for addressing the emotional issues during the menopause, helping to adjust to new circumstances and rebalance the emotions for a new phase in life.

  • Negative indications: Tired, unable to cope, tense irritable, vulnerable, negative, vague, scattered, ups and downs, outbursts, clumsy, angry, pressured.
  • Positive transformations: Centred, relaxed, on top of things, patient, optimistic, grounded, cleansed, nurtured, improved vitality. For use with all hormonal symptoms as it balances emotions around hormonal issues and is good for infertility problems.
Works quickly and is very easy to use.
Tinctures of the flowers of cherry plum, olive, crab apple, pomegranate, walnut, water violet, scleranthus, morning glory, impatiens and copper beech in equal amounts. Alcohol content approx 27% (v/v)
A combination of carefully selected flower essences.
5 drops in water 3 times daily starting before symptoms arise. If particularly stressed: use at intervals up to 6 times daily.
If pregnant or breastfeeding please seek professional advice before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.

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