Gentian Bach Flower Remedy 20ml

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Gentian (Gentiana amarella) -for those who are easily discouraged, hesitant and despondent.
Gentian is a remedy where you feel a bit let down after a setback, is part of the group of remedies ‘Know your own mind’ and the positive effect is Encouragement. It is for those people who are despondent and discouraged after some form of disappointment e.g. not getting a job or failing your driving test, failing an exam. It can also be used if you are feeling self-doubt, inability to succeed, have negative thoughts.
5x dilution of flower extracts of Gentian in a grape alcohol solution
Single remedy use: 2 drops in water and sip at intervals or add to 30ml mixing bottle containing still spring water. Take 4 drops a minimum of 4 times a day.

Multiple remedy use: Add 2 drops of each remedy (max 7 remedies) to a mixing bottle and use as above.
Keep all medicines out of reach of children

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