Australian Bush Flower Calm & Clear Oral Spray 10ml + Skin & Space Mist 15ml

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Brand: Australian Bush Flower

Calm & Clear Oral Spray + Skin & Space Mist

Enriched in healing botanicals that work to refresh, renew and revitalise your emotions, body and psyche; with the support of Australian Bush Flower Organic Calm & Clear Mist you can easily reduce feelings of impatience, worry and stress, and find the clarity you deserve. 

As you always the last priority in your life, always rushing, cant switch off with constant mind chatter and work overloard? Formulated for a "busy life", mothers, executives, students and just about everyone who lives in this fast paced world who needs to find their own peaceful space and a little time for self!

Packaging Dimensions: Length: 7 cm Height: 9 cm Width: 3 cm All measurements are approximates to the nearest 0.5cm

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