Clippasafe Sliding Door & Window Blocks

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Brand: Clippasafe

Sliding Door & Window Blocks

It’s a beautifully sunny day and all your toddler wants to do is to go and play outside but you haven’t got time to go outside with him and keep an eye on him. It doesn’t matter to him as he’s spotted an escape route to the great outdoors. It is easy for him to quietly push the patio doors open and hey presto out he goes into the garden.

It isn’t until a little while later that you realise everything has gone quiet and he’s nowhere to be seen. The first thing you feel is panic when you see the patio door is open. Luckily he is playing quietly in the garden pulling up all of your lovely plants and flowers.Fortunately the gate was closed and so was the shed door, what if they hadn’t been it doesn’t bear thinking about.

To avoid this happening again fix a Clippasafe Sliding Door and Window Block and you can control how wide you have the door open so your toddler can’t make his escape again.

Easily fitted to sliding window or patio doors to help keep children safe by restricting the opening whilst maintaining ventilation.

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