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Another range of characters associated with BBC’s Cbeebies channel. Uniquely this series Waybuloo considers relationships with friends and the world in general and explores emotions and even brings in a little Yoga in the form of Yogo. Children are taken on daily journeys with stories full of happiness, teamwork, love and companionship. A magical world called Nara is home for Waybuloo. It is a happy, friendly place where everybody has lots of friends and laughs a lot. Imagine the prettiest world and you won’t be far from imaging Nara, with its beautiful blue sky, shining sun and greenest land full of birds, trees, plants, flowers, trickling waterways and narabugs.

The creatures that dominate this land are called Piplings. They have big happy faces and wide eyes. There is not a nicer kind than the Piplings – as well as being cheerful they are loving and take care of those around them and house themselves in pods. The four main characters include Yojojo who is a lot of fun and sometimes a tiny, tiny bit naughty (but only in a harmless way), Lau Lau is a bit arty and loves to dance and paint (see Peek & Wiggle Yojojo and Lau Lau or talking Lau Lau), De Li loves to be in the garden tending her plants and is one of the more caring souls and Nok Tok is the practical one of the four being a little bit inventive, loving to creative items – choose talking Nok Tok to hear him speak.

Pure happiness called Buloo is the ultimate aim and when this is achieved the piplings float high in the air. This is gently helped along by the soothing exercise of Yogo, trying to move at one with nature. The shining sun on the crystals of the ancient yogo machine creates the most beautiful sound which calls the piplings to their exercise class. Children can join the piplings to recreate these poses in real life.

Cbeebies have managed to create an enchanting, magical land of Waybuloo which children wish to become part of and this can be aided at home with this beautiful range of products including furniture such as the ready bed and stools as well as the delightful plush character toys.

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