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Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

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If you have watched Raa Raa the Noisy Lion on television then you will know what an exciting adventure the character have. Well the fun doesn’t have to stop when the show has ended as now there is a collection of fun Raa Raa toys that brings the magic to your very own home.

Recreate scenes and your favourite episodes from the Jingle Jangle Jungle with this fantastic range of you children’s toys. One of the most exciting features has to be the Smart Spot technology, which is available on nearly all of the toys that are available. This features detects which character is on the Smart Spot and delivery an appropriate sound and phrase!

Raa Raa loves to ROAR! Well now you can roar along with the Roaring Raa Raa cuddly toy. Squeeze his head and listen to him go! The harder you squeeze the harder he’ll roar, but who’s going to be the loudest?

The ultimate playset has to be the interactive tree house. As the name suggests it’s completely interactive with all the toys that carry the Smart Spot feature. Raa Raa can have fun on the swing, or climb the ladders and have a little nap on the bed. The jungle adventure is entirely up to you!

Raa Raa the noisy Lion is here to tell children exciting stories that are easy to follow, as well as teach important social lessons such as problem solving, behaviour, language and communication.

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