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The characters that inhabit Jungle Junction are part animal and part vehicle and are known as “wheelers” and include among a number of others: Scooter who is the messenger for the town, her best friend Ellyvan who is the jungle’s delivery service and is a cross between an elephant and a van and the Beetle Bugs, the youngsters who are always very keen to learn. Other residents include Hippobus, which is a bright yellow school bus complete with seats, and windows, Bungo who makes and installs signs so that the residents can all find their way around and Dozer the maintenance vehicle who really loves digging. Jungle Junction is a popular children’s TV programme that is based in the fictitious idyllic riverside town of Jungle Junction

The common theme that runs through the show is that of care and consideration for the inhabitants and for the environment and so ensures the survival of the jungle. All of the brightly coloured houses are built from locally sourced materials. It is never too early to encourage youngsters to think about our impact on the natural world; Jungle Junction is designed to encourage just that. The characters in the stories understand that the jungle environment is extremely fragile and must be respected. The jungle play-sets help to improve literacy skills through road signs and maps placed throughout the jungle. Above all Jungle Junction is FUN.

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