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Charlie & Lola - Lola Loves

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Step into the illustrated world of Charlie and Lola, two siblings that use imagination and fantasy to get through day-to-day problems together.

It could be anything, a big hairy spider in the bathtub or learning how to share one another’s toys, they always manage to get through the day and take what they have learnt with them. Lola Sonner is the young sister who’s usually jolly and full of energy. Charlie is the older brother, and is very loyal to his younger sibling. From time to time they do have a fall out but they always make up by the end of the day.

This shelf brings you a selection of Charlie & Lola toys that are perfect for any young fan! There are little bean toys, rag dolls and even a paint and play doll set. One of our favourites though has got to be the classic Dominoes Set. This classical game is fantastic for helping children matching up pictures and learning basic number skills. This pack is made from high quality wood, so you really do get that ‘classic’ feel.

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