Clippasafe Standard Cot Insect Net- No.4S

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Brand: Clippasafe

Cot Insect Net

It is a warm and sticky summer night and it is time to put your little baby to bed in his cot where he will hopefully sleep through the night. Not a chance he is hot and sticky and fractious and he is not going to sleep anytime soon and he will make sure that you don’t either.

The obvious solution is to open his bedroom window to let in some welcome cool fresh air, and also unfortunately various moths and other flying insects. This is obviously unacceptable and so what can you do, use an electric fan, good thinking but costs a fortune in electricity.

Perhaps one of the cheapest and easiest solutions is the Clippasafe Cot Insect Net. Manufactured from fine mesh it fits snugly over the cot and can be secured at each corner by a tie.

You can now open the windows so that your baby will be cool and protected from any unwanted flying insects and hopefully he will settle down for a peaceful nights sleep and so will you.

Dimensions: 135cm x 65cm x 65cm

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