Bettacare Child & Pet Gate Extension Bar Size 1 (6.4cm)

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Brand: Bettacare

Child & Pet Gate

When we have a small child our home becomes one huge playground and an accident waiting to happen, throw a dog into the equation and the fun really starts. This is where a Safety Gate really proves its worth. The Bettacare Child and Pet Gate is an item that you simply cannot do without. It will fit to any suitable doorway or at the bottom of the stairs so keeping your child safely away from any danger.

Why a pet gate? Do you like to sleep through the night or would you prefer to be woken up with a wet nose in your ear when your dog decides he’s slept long enough and it’s 4 o’clock in the morning and he wants to play? No I thought not, well this gate is extra tall so that he cannot jump over it and head up to your bedroom. So if you have both a child and a dog, can you really do without this gate? I don’t think so.

Features include:

  • Double locking handle mechanism.
  • Patented new style locking wheel.
  • Can’t be over tightened or work loose.
  • Fits anywhere Crafted in white metal.
  • Extensions available.

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